Where can I get help and support for Rogers?

Rogers’ web page for e-mail problems: http://help.yahoo.com/rogers/mail/
Rogers Tech Support (1-888-288-4663)

What is Rogers/Yahoo Spamguard Protection?
Rogers/Yahoo Spam Protection is a feature you have to turn on by logging onto Rogers web site. By default, the feature is turned off. Rogers tells us that all e-mail is delivered, but anything deemed to be ‘bulk’ goes directly into the ‘bulk’ folder, and can only be read online. If mail is incorrectly deemed ‘bulk’ you have two choices:
1) You can ‘train’ the protection to know that this mail is NOT spam
2) You can contact Yahoo (who now handles all rogers mail)
requesting they correct this problem by visiting…
and clicking on the “contact us’ (customer care) button
at the bottom of the page.