Why does managed domain name service cost more than do-it-yourself?

Domain Names

AWTW offers a fully managed service which ensures that if you change your email address, or if for some reason your domain renewal emails don’t come through, your domain doesn’t expire.

Most companies rely solely on email to remind you to renew your domain. We’ll call, fax, send letters, etc. to ensure that we get in touch with you before your domain expires. About 3 months before your domain is due to expire we’ll send an email asking if you’d like to renew. If we don’t hear back you’ll get another email two months before your domain expires. If we don’t hear back from that email, we’ll call, fax, etc., and ensure we get in touch with you. This protects your domain from expiring due to a change in contact information or misplaced emails, and ensures that you have a web that works!