Why host with aWEBthatWORKS.com?

As an e-business, your website, email and corporate applications need to be a available at all times. With unbeatable connectivity, fail-safe power supplies and 24/7/365 monitoriing, aWEBthatWORKS.com is dedicated to providing a solution that will work for you 99.9% of the time. Here’s how:

  • AC and DC power sources
  • Secure static-free, multi-port grounding
  • 2n/n+1 or better redundancy for all critical systems (no single point of failure)
  • Power conditioning to eliminate spikes and noises
  • Backup UPS/Generator power
  • Redundant power through redundant power grids
  • On-site fuel storage for a minimum of 36 hours of operation before a refuel is required


  • Three OC192 fibre optic feeds providing redundant network connections
  • State of the art high speed switching and routing equipment
  • Tier 1 connection to the Internet


  • State-of-the-art heat and smoke laser detection system
  • Combination Dry-Pipe/Pre-Action Fire Suppression system
  • Two stage system triggered when two zone sensors go off simulataneously
  • Zone specific discharge
  • Direct link to Fire Department


  • Strictly controlled dust and pollution-free environment
  • Room temperature maintained at consistent range of 13-21 degrees Celsius and humidity at 40-60%
  • Redundant HVAC controlled environment
  • Static free floor and sub-floor
  • Reinforced bomb proof building structure


  • 24 hour on site security staff
  • Card key and biometric access
  • Surveillance cameras, alarm, monitoring
  • Fire, bullet and shatterproof glass
  • Battery backup for entry access system
  • Hostage proof architecture


  • All traffic to and from any of our servers is strictly monitored for abuse or security breaches.
  • Our fireewalls ensure that our clients servers only see the traffic they want.

aWEBthatWORKS.com is proud to host all our servers in a top class IBM datacenter. IBM says there is no better place to keep a server and we agree.