16 Questions Every WordPress Website Owners Need to Ask Their Website Hosting Company

WordPress Training
WordPress Training
  1. Do you update my WordPress software automatically.
  2. Do you update my WordPress themes automatically.
  3. Do you update my WordPress plugins automatically.
  4. Do you notify me when you’ve done it -or- do my UAT.
  5. What uptime scores do you offer?
  6. What is your security policy?
  7. Do you provide SSL? …
  8. What’s your downtime history? …
  9. What is your back-up policy.
  10. What are you accountable for in terms of an outage
  11. How many websites per server?
  12. Do you offer 24/7/365 customer service?
  13. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
  14. Is there any other charges e.g. setup, bandwidth overages, additional storage, additional domains?
  15. Do they offer free website migration assistance
  16. Where is your server located? Canadian marketers cannot comply with PIPEDA if they host on web serves in the US.