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SUE SUTCLIFFE - 2022 WOMAN OF WORTHEarlier this year I won an award and am proud to share that I am a Woman of Worth for 2022! I was chosen to represent ALL women who understand their worth.

What an incredible honor it is to be a founding member of this elite group of women who believe in our worth and strive to impact the world and other women with our gifts. We are Speakers, Writers, Publishers, Veterinarian Candidates, Doctors, Activists, and all different kinds of coaches and mentors.

I am excited to partner with all of these beautiful and talented women who are writing their own history alongside me and showing other women they can too by sharing at The Woman of Worth 2022 Summit on September 20th, October 11th and October 25th, 2022. Register to receive:

  • ALL ACCESS PASS for all three days of this summit
  • Copy of our ebook entitled Woman of Worth 2022
The Woman of Worth 2022 Summit
September 20th, October 11th and October 25th, 2022

In these pages, you will read about all of the honorees.

  • Brenda Marie Sheldrake – Expert in Lead Generation through Relationship Building
  • Catherine Lazure – CEO, Business Manager/Operations & Business Development & Networker/Social Media Mngr/HR/Business Analyst/Author/GGA
  • Connie Walker – President at Streatch Enterprises Ltd., President at The Mudhouse
  • Dara Bose – International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Owner of Fire Wife Boutique
  • Dr. Katrina Esau – Author, The Midwife for the Broken-hearted!
  • Dr. Kim Jacobs Martin – Holistic Doctor at North Shore Health Solutions, Chronic Conditions, Functional Medicine, Neuro-Metabolic Specialist, Acupuncturist, Neuropathy, Chiropractic
  • Dr. Natalie Forest – Revolutionary Rule Breaker: Guiding women at a crossroads to step forward with confidence, calm, spiritually connected to live their lives their way!
  • Erika Neal – Website • Graphic Design • Technology Creative & Teacher | CEO & Executive Project Director at DesignDiva Studios
  • Genevieve Manderville – Website • Graphic Design • Technology Creative & Teacher | CEO & Executive Project Director at DesignDiva Studios
  • Lee Ann Bonnell – MBA Engineering Mindset Coach – GM Manufacturing Engineer turned Life Coach
  • Legend Thurman – 2X International #1 Best Selling Author and a native of Washington, PA and Washington, DC, Legend is a current Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Candidate
  • Lesley Klein – Streaming TV Expert helping Content Creators get their own TV show on a global network dedicated to positively impacting lives and communities
  • Lynda Sunshine West – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Action Takers Publishing
  • Mary Elizabeth Jackson – Author/Advocate special needs/live-streamer co-host/founder Writers Corner Live TV Show, Special Needs TV, Educator, Storyteller, Ghostwriter
  • Michelle Lee Myrter – Sales Coach, Trainer, Speaker. Optimize your business, Maximize your result, Increase your revenue and Impact your relationship
  • Nancy Lockhart – Founder and Senior Strategist at Lockhart Marketing, #1 Bestselling Author, Executive Advisor at UCSB and Livestream/Podcast host of Beyond the Logo
  • Niurka Castaneda – Creator, Director, Producer, TV Host at Umbrellas of Hope TV
  • Pearl Knapp-Chiarenza – Entrepreneur & Empowerment Life Coach to women looking to feel happy within their mind, body and spirit without feeling guilty for putting their self-care first.
  • Sabrina Protic – Licensed Financial Coach- Certified Life Coach- Broadcast CoHost Thriving Women Talk
  • Sherri Leopold – Leader-Stop Self-Bullying Movement, Speaker, TV Host Outside the Box with Sherri Leopold, 10 time Best Selling Author
  • Sue Sutcliffe – Event Producer/Marketing Strategist/CEO World Event Center–virtual events that achieve authentic interaction, increased engagement & stellar stakeholder value
  • Tamara Carruthers – International Best Selling Author Entrepreneur, Mentor, Broadcast Co-Host, Child of THE KING
  • Tammy Gaitor – CEO/Founder/Owner at Bluff City Leadership [and CEO & Founder at Butterfly Evolution Radio
  • Teresa Cundiff – CEO Wordy Nerds Media Inc., Host Teresa Talks