10 Examples of Great marketing

Started my day today reading Ajay Parthasarathy’s blog on the top 10 cool marketing campaigns he’s run across:

  1. Apple 1984 Macintosh Advertisement
  2. Nike – Just Do It
  3. The Apple Think Different Campaign
  4. Narendra Modi’s Prime Ministerial Campaign – ‘Achche Din’
  5. Star Sports with the Mauka Mauka advertisement series
  6. The Pepsi : Dil Maange More! campaign which featured Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar in the early 2000s. Sales quadrupled in India, beating Coca Cola to their knees.
  7. Old Spice : The man you could smell like
  8. Nescafe : Stammering Comedian TVC
  9. Volkswagen Small Cars Campaign
  10. Apple : Mac vs PC ad series

Although some were familiar to me, some were not and all were inspirational! I also loved reading the comments — especially the case study Olly Benson shared about a marketing campaign in the UK that inspired customers and non-customers to spend their own time and money making things to help promote the brand — Innocent’s Big Knit. Absolutely brilliant.

Looking for marketing inspiration? Have a read of
What are some examples of great marketing

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