2018 Entrepreneur Census – Trends, Challenges & Opportunities Facing Canada’s Entrepreneurship Community

Canadian Entrereneurial Business Profile

Canadian Entrereneurial Business Profile

According to Startup Canada’s 2018 Entrepreneur Census the top entrepreneurial challenges are:

Finding funding (75 per cent), Sales (63 per cent) and Cashflow (62 per cent).
Notably, cashflow, financial literacy, financial management, and access to financing are particularly top of mind for start-up stage entrepreneurs. Sales, access to markets, growth capital, marketing, and talent rise in importance as entrepreneurs scale their companies.

It also talks about rising diversity, specifically…

the growing presence of women, visible minorities, and Indigenous persons within the entrepreneurship community. Compared to 2017, representation of visible minorities has risen by seven per cent, women by six per cent; and Indigenous persons by two per cent

If you’re marketing to Canadian Small Business, this report is a must-read!