Are you finding 1/2 of your customers online?

Elance, the world’s leading platform for online work recently published the Freelance Talent Report, which states that…

71% of independent professionals polled are finding
1/2 of their clients and work online.

but they don’t get into how freelancers, or for that matter other businesses find the new customers and work which is something I’m often asked to train people on.  My workshop SOCIAL MEDIA 101 shows people how to use popular social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to grow their businesses in 1/2 hour a day or less by meeting/building relationships with key people they need to succeed. I teach people how to turn their time into money with individual coaching as well and would be happy to help you.

I’m writing an article now on the many ways people are finding new customers and new business online and would love your feedback. How do YOU find new customers and new deals online?

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