Are you Winning or Losing at Social Media Marketing?

Sue Sutcliffe
It breaks my heart to see entrepreneurs who have excelled at the traditional business game for years, fail miserably at social media  marketing game. They see social media as a money pit and have no idea people are laughing at them behind their backs and blocking them.

Each time I see them make a blunder that costs them, I want to pick up the phone and help, and sometimes I do, but these busy executives are programmed to delegate — what is NOT their strength or costs less that what they bill out at. They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Unfortunately I can’t afford to work for free, so these busy executives continue to delegate the strategic and execution of their social media marketing campaigns, and because no employee or contractor will understand the business like the owner, or treat the business like their own, the mistakes go on, the losses build, and one day they shut their doors.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, why not point them to Marty Weintraub’s great blost post on Inc. called 6 Signs You’re Winning in Social Media and 5 Signs You’re Not or sign up for my 8-week ONLINE POWER coaching program — we walk you through the most popular tricks, pitfalls and answer all your questions…

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