Mind Your Own Business!

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Some people have way too much time on their hands e.g. Maria Quattro — who felt compelled to judge me and sarcastically review a review I made of a hospital — two years after the fact?!?

 5 starNurses and Doctors in ASU are excellent however very dissapointed with housekeeping services (who dont keep washrooms stocked with toilet paper ccinsistently) and cafeteria (that is not open for dinner or on weekends -- It's run (very poorly) by Tim Hortons). Like · Comment · about 2 years ago · 146 Reviews ·  Maria Quattro likes this. Comments Maria Quattro Maria Quattro Then why did you give it a five-star rating?? A three or four, at least, would have made sense. But, whatever. Like · Reply · 22 minutes ago Sue Sutcliffe Sue Sutcliffe Because Maria Quattro that is what I felt they deserve as the medical staff there are way off the charts. Like · Reply · 19 minutes ago Sue Sutcliffe Sue Sutcliffe *shaking head* that someone is reviewing my review from 2-1/2 years ago. WOW!

In as much as I love social media for all the good it does, it sure does amplify socially awkward people who never learned in kindergarten know how to play nice in the sandbox.