Watch out for the black hats on Facebook!

What does phishing mean?

If you see a message that says…

(Your Friends Name) has faced some errors when checking your profile.  View the errors message

or a message that says…

Error Check System

or something else that you did not expect, and might not want to trust, it’s best to ignore them because reports share that they do nasty things e.g. spread malware that when activated (by clicking on the button) send the same malware to everyone on your friends list, or authorize Facebook to release your personal information.

If in doubt, try typing the message you are getting into google. If it’s a hoax, or phishing or malware attack, there will generally be lots of people writing about it. Scoll until you find a source you trust like McAfee or Norton, etc. because sometimes the page will do the damage rather than the button!

Do you know of another facebook application that should be avoided?  Please share.