FACEBOOK JAIL: There’s no such thing as a Facebook “Get Out Of Jail” Card!

how to stay out of facebook jail
how to stay out of facebook jail

As a digital marketing specialist, I am often asked…
“How do I stay out of Facebook Jail?”

The obvious answer is that you need to stay up to date on Facebook Policies and Facebook Community Standards because if you use this communication vehicle as it was intended to be used, you won’t end up in jail.

I tell them that it’s even more important than it was when they setup a facebook account as they’ve now been flagged, and as such they’re more vulnerable to be jailed again, and if warnings are not headed, these abilities could be permanently removed, or worse yet, Facebook could remove their profile and business page, or both — permanently!

Here are some of the known triggers:

  1. One profile per person.
  2. Profiles are for people, not businesses. Businesses need to use pages.
  3. Fill in the about section.
  1. Fill in the about section.
  2. Use “shortened links” when linking to your site.
  3. Ban people/saboteurs who may be reporting your posts.
  1. Don’t add people to groups without their consent.
  2. Ban people/saboteurs who may be reporting your posts.
  1. Only invite people who will recognize you and are likely to accept.
  2. Avoiding inviting too many new friends at once.
  3. Don’t accept or interact with fake accounts
  4. Don’t tag people in images they’re not in
  1. Don’t share the same information everywhere — change it up!
  2. Don’t share the same information all at once
  3. Don’t post too quickly and be confused with spam-bot. Leave time in between posts.
  4. Don’t post on Facebook pages with non-personal profiles
  5. Don’t promote your business as post or comment on the business pages of others.
  6. Use url shorteners / customer urls
  7. Avoid “engagement bait
  8. Use original images, to avoid potential of using one’s been associated with spam.
  9. Avoid sharing a document that others will be sharing widely.
  1. Don’t use private messages for promotional purposes.

Nothing comes up when you search for Facebook’s help pages for Jail, however they do address the symptoms: