What is the best way to answer a Facebook request for recommendation?


FacebookIf you know only one person that provides that product or service, tagging that person in the comments is ideal. If it’s not a facebook savvy individual, I will also follow up by private messaging them the URL of the page the request was made so they can find it.

If you know multiple individuals you have three choices and two of them are very very bad. You can:

  1. Tag only one person, thus alienating everyone else you call a friend by letting them know they don’t rate which is really bad news especially if this person is someone who considers you a friend, refers business to you and lets you in on the ground floor of opportunities that will help you.
  2. You could tag ALL of the people you know, but that again misses the mark of showing favour to a valued contact, and waters down the recommendation.The safest option in my mind is:
  3. You could answer the request that you know someone and send an introduction by email, which in my mind is the only clear choice.

What do you think? Have you been in this situation? How you do you handle it?