Fires in Tyrone?

These signs are popping up all around the Hamlet of Tyrone, located just north of Bowmanville, in Clarington, Ontario, Canada. Why you ask? Because one of the hundred-ish ‘gentleman’ in Tyrone, who moved here recently, feels compelled to call fire department on his neighbours, some of whom have enjoyed this tradition, for five decades in a safe and responsible fashion. Rather than speaking to the ‘offending neighbours’, the neighbourly way, the coward makes a call and uses tax payer’s money to force our fireman to enforce legislation, there soley to stop dangerous offenders, not friendly fire. One night he reported eight fires, and then whines to the local press that he’s being ostracized!!! Give your head a shake man! If you want to be treated like a neighbour, you need to be one! What do you think Tyrone? Resident’s please click on the pencil and have your say!

4 thoughts on “Fires in Tyrone?”

  1. Perhaps this guy should go back to clarelyn blvd in Ajax where he belongs. Although after speaking to a few of his old neighbours, he is not welcome back. Maybe he is trying to focus the attention away from himself and his late night walks.

  2. I’m trying to understand why anyone would have moved to a place like Tyrone if he didn’t prefer the friendly neighbourhood style of things.

    Everyone in Tyrone know eachother – celebrating holidays, throwing dances at the hall, baseball teams, soccer teams – the people that live here enjoy their surroundings.

    Complaining about something as simple as having fires in our backyards sounds ridiculous and only makes me wonder how miserable this man truley is.

    I’d love to meet this person and shake their hand. How can a person be so self-consumed in their own thoughts?

  3. As a teenager, theres nothing to do in this small, tiny, no-connection-to-the-outside-world, village.
    So I burn stuff. So he ruins my fun 🙁
    This guy makes me mad >:(

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