7 Steps for Writing Successfully on YouTube (yes, I said YouTube)

Huh? Isn’t YouTube a video site?

Indeed it is, BUT YouTube is also the second largest search engine in the world, and it’s the writing that will boost your content to the top of search results.

In today’s media-loving world, video posts are no longer an option. Whether you’re posting how-tos, product demos, testimonials or interest pieces, video is a must.

But what are you saying in the video? With only about 175 words in a one-minute video, word choice is crucial.

7 Steps for Writing for YouTube

  1. Titles can make or break your success. Include your name and post subject, or it might get lost in the vast annals of YouTube.
  2. Talk to your audience. While “we” and “our” might be great for other platforms, YouTube viewers are looking for value for them, so speak directly – use “you.”
  3. Keywording is key. Don’t go overboard, but make sure your top 2-4 terms make it into the post. Remember: it’s important to think about what terms your viewers might enter to find your video.
  4. Your video should end with a trailer message that calls for action on the part of the viewer. It might be an invitation to buy, to visit your site, or simply to watch another video.
  5. Add a description. This is a great spot for keywords, but it should also describe the content of your video. Also a great slot for your website address.
  6. Tag it up. Don’t forget to tag your video with the 2-3 relevant subject areas (or keywords).
  7. Caption your video. YouTube has been making this increasingly easy. BONUS: captions also make your videos accessible to viewers with disabilities.

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