INTERNET DAY IS OCTOBER 29Every year on October 29th the world celebrates Internet Day — the most important invention in history — I celebrate a little more, as it changed my life forever.

I still remember the day I discovered the Internet in 1993. I was sitting with a friend who was playing with their computer and listened as they explained what they knew about the Internet, a secret world that only geeks knew about at that point. He explained the history of the Internet and when he mentioned that there was a lot of talk about it ‘going commmercial’ his voice was full of disdain, and my curiosity was piqued, and I began researching everything I could about this new communication vehicle that I knew would take the marketing world by storm.

I began learning everything I could and telling everyone I know about the Internet including Jamie Johnston, my boss at the time, whose curiousity was piqued as well. We registered our first domain name in 1994, launched our first website in 1995, and the rest is history. I gave up my craft — graphic design – to focus on Internet Marketing and my life was forever changed.

Do you recall the first time you experienced the Internet?

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