Lessons From the Obama Viral Marketing Campaign

– Social media is utterly important

They are cheap, have a large number of audiences and spread the news quickly. Obama used this masterfully and even raised huge amounts of funds using social media.

– Do not side line bloggers

While other candidates ignored the bloggers and focused on “real journalists”, Obama didn’t exclude them, instead they were allowed access to information. You should never sideline bloggers, give them exclusive access to information sometimes and you will have royal publicists for life.

– Use clear slogans

The clear “change” slogan helped set Obama apart; it summed up his philosophy and galvanized the voters’ support. You should similarly use such clear slogans in your business. And you should spread it everywhere you go.

– Do not focus your efforts on attacking your competitors

Obama rarely attacked the other candidates; instead he focused on his plans and the voters’ needs. You should never attack your competitors as well; it paints you as an aggressor and them as victims.

– Put your customers first

As Obama did, you should project an image of utter care for your customers’ needs. Those needs come first and before anything else. This will create an almost fanatical following of your business.

– If applicable, accept small donations

When people donated small amount of money to the Obama campaign they were happy they contributed something, so they naturally told their friends and family. This is great thing to emulate, not only do you raise funds, but you gain free publicity.

Obama was voted marketer of the year by a gathering of over 700 marketers, so you should pretty much study his campaign in detail if you are interested in viral marketing.

via Lessons From the Obama Viral Marketing Campaign.