A Strategically Written LinkedIn Professional Headline Will Generate Leads and Set The Stage For Your Personal Brand. Is Yours Optimized?

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What is a LinkedIn Professional Headline?

Your LinkedIn Professional Headline is the 120 characters text area that appears on your LinkedIn profile, directly under your name. Besides your name and photo, it’s often the only thing people see .e.g. when they search LinkedIn for someone who does/offers what you do.  Increase your LinkedIn ROI (return on investment)!  Optimize your professional headline and make a great first impression!  Here’s mine…

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What should your LinkedIn Professional Headline contain?

By default it contains your job title and company name, but as with any marketing initiative, it should be optimized with the end in mind e.g. if you’re looking for your LinkedIn to generate leads for you, it should the keywords you expect your ideal target will type in when looking for someone who does what you do.

Your LinkedIn Professional Headline should also be crafted to:

  • Make a good impression / represent your personal brand well
  • Reflect the message you’re trying to convey
  • Convery your personality / mission statement
  • Be Succinct, enticing & memorable
  • Free of spelling errors
  • Contain/alude to your value proposition

What are my LinkedIn Professional Headline tips?

  • Design two LinkedIn Professional Headlines and do A/B testing
  • Check out 10 excellent examples on inkhumans.com blog
  • Check out  LINKEDIN HELP PAGE about LinkedIn Professional Headlines
  • Visit Sue Sutcliffe’s LinkedIn Pinterest Board for tons more LinkedIn Marketing Resources.

What’s your linkedin headline?   Please share it in the comments below.