To you it is promotional material… #marketingfail


This morning when I got in my car, I had to get out again, because there was piece of paper on my windshield…


Putting your marketing material — garbage to everyone but you — on someone’s dash is wrong on so many levels:

  1. When people discover paper on their car’s window (parked in their driveway), the first thought is parking ticket or bad news e.g. Sorry I hit your car — not feelings you want associated with your brand.
  2. Your actions force people to get out of their cars to take it off before they drive, or allow your garbage to fly off while they are driving and cause embarrassment, and perhaps even an accident.
  3. Besides parking cops, the only brands I’ve seen use this approach — and only in parking lots, not on someone’s property — are brands advertising out of business sales.  Not what you want your brand associated with.
  4. Had I not been here to take the paper off the car, and had I been away on holidays, your paper would’ve also served to advertise that I was out of Town for those looking to do break and entries.

Having a soft spot for new entrepreneurs, and thinking she may have contracted distribution out, I thought I’d email her my feedback…

To you it is promotional material… To me it was someone coming on my property and leaving garbage on my car, rather than walking 5 more steps and putting it in my mailbox.

The email bounced back as undeliverable. Yes I verified that I typed the email exactly as it was printed on the card?!?