MediaCom Canada reveals what you need to know about marketing across Canada’s multicultural landscape

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I found lots of interesting tidbits in MediaCom Canada’s recent survey which states that 49—51% of Toronto residents were not born here, this culturally diverse segment is getting bigger, and mobile is their web viewer of choice!

Culturally diverse consumers = mobile-first consumers

These groups are also mobile-first consumers. Why? Because most first-generation visible minorities come from countries that have often skipped the broadband phase and moved directly to mobile to access the internet. In fact, these consumers reported spending 42% more time on mobile, 20% less time watching TV, and 12% less time listening to the radio each week when indexed against the average Canadian consumer.5

With consumers spending more and more time on their smartphones, it’s no surprise that they encounter more digital touchpoints than other Canadians. On average, first-generation visible minorities say they are exposed to 13 digital touchpoints per week, second-generation visible minorities say they are exposed to 12 digital touchpoints per week, and the average Canadian consumer says they are only exposed to nine digital touchpoints per week.