Netiquette Quiz

digital marketing netiquette

1) What is netiquette?
a) A portmanteau word combining ‘network’ and ‘etiquette’
b) The rules for communicating online without giving offense
c) Good manners for using e-mail, chat and social media channels
d) All of the above

2) When sending a friend request on Facebook or LinkedIn,
a) Use the preformatted text provided – it’s all you need
b) Add a friendly note mentioning how you know each other
c) Send them a promo for your business or product

3) To enlarge your network of contacts using social media
a) Send out invitations to every contact the social media platform suggests you might know
b) Foster new relationships a few at a time, and stay in touch regularly
c) Farm your existing contacts network and blitz every one of them with invitations

4) What can happen if you ‘friend’ complete strangers too often on LinkedIn?
a) If reported three times, LinkedIn will close your profile
b) You’ll make hundreds of new contacts
c) You might be arrested for cyber-stalking

5) What is NOT a way to receive a recommendation on LinkedIn?
a) Give someone else a recommendation
b) Ask someone to give you a recommendation
c) Write and post one for yourself – you know what you do best

6) When communicating by social media, it is always okay to
a) Swear and talk about sex
b) Gossip about people in your network
c) Discuss your religious and political beliefs
d) None of the above

7) How might you prompt contacts to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ you?
a) Limit your posts to just the weekly specials at your business – that’s all they need to know
b) Posting contest announcements, surveys, and recipes using your product
c) Contacts aren’t interested in reading posts

8) Why build a social media network?
a) To build relationships and friendships
b) Strictly for delivering your PR and advertising for free to as many people as possible
c) To make controversial or confrontational comments without any accountability

9) If someone posts a complaint on your Facebook page, what should you do?
a) Ignore it – they don’t really expect an answer. They’re just venting.
b) Demonstrate effective customer service by responding promptly and following up
c) Block them and delete the comment

10) How can you make social media work for you and your business?
a) Find ways to help other people
b) Make regular posts and contributions
c) Show friendly interest in your contacts
d) All of the above

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