Prescheduling Facebook Posts

Facebook post scheduler box

Don’t have time to be constantly updating your Facebook page all day? Not a fan of third-party scheduling tools that give away your pre-posting habits?

Good news: Facebook has it’s own simple-to-use scheduling feature.

Just click on the little clock at the bottom of the Facebook post interface and set your date. You can set year, month, day and time.
Facebook post scheduler box
Here are a few important tips when using the pre-scheduler:

  • Don’t schedule posts for more than 6 months ahead – Facebook won’t take ’em
  • If you’ve linked Facebook and Twitter so that posts are automatically tweeted, you’ll have to tweet pre-scheduled posts manually 
  • Even with your great new pre-scheduling tool, statistics indicate that posting more than 2-3 times a day can actually be counterproductive – don’t overdo it
  • A steady stream of content does not mean you shouldn’t still monitor your account and regularly engage with your network

Join us next week for more Facebook Fridays and – as always – give us a ring if you’d like a hand optimizing your Page, Group or Profile!

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