$2,889 Raised for #Alzheimers at #WalkForMemories 2010!

Curtis Reid then and now #alzheimers sucks

I am very proud to be part of a team of people who raised $2,889.00 for a cause which is near and dear to my heart, and obviously so many others! All told, 1/2 million dollars was raised for Alzheimer Society yesterday!

Special thanks to those people who sponsored me personally- to the tune of $1,130!

  1. Zoe Lucyk
  2. Tom Weir
  3. Susan Oliver Benedet
  4. Susan Carey
  5. Sector 57
  6. Scugog Women’s Networking Breakfast
  7. Sandy Terry
  8. Placida Acheru
  9. Peter Cluff
  10. Paul Urban
  11. Michael Rundle
  12. Louise Thibert
  13. Louise Reid
  14. Kirk Speirs
  15. Kerri Bouffard
  16. John Rogers
  17. Jennifer Thibert
  18. Don Bridge
  19. Denise Franklin
  20. Debbie Walsh
  21. David Swain
  22. David Michaels
  23. David & Rose Hooker
  24. Carol Edwards
  25. Bill Hogg
  26. Monika Jensen
  27. David Cohen

Check my personal fundraising page for an up to date tally of my personal pledges.