Are YOU making this Social Media Faux Pas?

What's your biggest social media pet peeve?
The word social comes from the Latin socius meaning “friend.” When you’re being social you’re you’re everyone’s friend, you attend mixers and often come away with new friends. Anti-social people often do not.

It’s critical to ensure anything you put out there represents your brand well, but also that it be well received by your intended audience. Although you can’t please everyone, there are are some social media no no’s you definitely want to avoid.

My number one social media pet peeve is when people tell me what I am doing wrong or make broad statements about what people shouldn’t do, but I do. I can’t think of even one person I know who likes being told what they are doing is wrong, so I try very hard NOT to do it.

How do you feel when someone says you’re doing something wrong?
Does it endear you to them or does it make you feel sad, bring forward feelings of inadequacy, or perhaps it makes you feel angry or confrontational?

What about if someone says it to you in front of other people, publically, like on social media?
Does it amplify these feeings, embarrass you, shame you or make you feel berated?

Unsolicited advice is like someone singing out of tune. No one wants to hear it!

Although we are all entitled to free speech, you don’t have to say every thought that enters your head and people will judge you for any anti-social behaviour you exhibit on social media, just as do at a traditional gatherings. The only difference is, you likely won’t know they’ve unfriended or unfollowed you.

Really need someone to know how you feel?
It’s always easier to receive feedback when it’s one-to-one, and be sure to choose your wording carefully. Perhaps talk about another approach they might want to try, rather than saying you’re doing this wrong.

What's your biggest social media pet peeve?

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