Virtual Networking

Social Networking 101

In a world that’s digital and vast
Where connections are made with a click and a tap
Virtual networking is the key
To unlock doors and set us free

We meet in forums and chat rooms galore
From all corners of the globe and even more
We share our ideas, our hopes, our dreams
With people we’ve never met, or so it seems

Through screens and pixels, we make new friends
Whose support and advice, to us, extends
They cheer us on in our endeavors
And pick us up when we falter, forever

Our networks grow with every tweet
And our online presence, we must keep neat
Our LinkedIn profiles, our Instagram feeds
All represent us, our skills and our needs

We may never shake hands or hug
But our bonds are strong, built to last, not to bug
For virtual networking knows no bounds
Our connections, forever, surround

So let us embrace this digital age
And leverage the power of the internet stage
For virtual networking is the key
To unlock doors and set us free.

~Sue Sutcliffe