64% on the fence about accepting invites to connect with people they don’t know

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Of 540 people who answered Vidyard Survey “Do you accept invites to connect with people you don’t know”

  • 9% answered “No”
  • 28% answered “Always”
  • 64% answered “It depends, (comment below)”

Those who answered “It depends” gave the following reasons:

  • It depends, because if someone is trying to sell me something I am probably going to say no. I am not on here to purchase “better me ” items. If I want a self help book or coach I will reach out myself. I am on here to network and build relationships, not to be solicited by random connection requests.
  • Depends on two things; 1) how is there relationship to their title and my title as in do they work with people like me. 2) if I can tell did they do the research to create context with connecting with me. Out of country people and certain topics are automatically not connected with and many are reported as fake accounts when I think that is the case.
  • I’m here to meet people…I don’t have time to look at your profile and pass judgment on whether to connect or not. Why are you on LinkedIn if your not connecting?
  • I will always consider connecting with people who are value first minded. Easy to weed out people just trying to sell
  • I’ll most likely accept a connect request if the requestor is in a similar industry or if there are mutual connections. Otherwise, it’s a gut decision.
  • If they are industry related I will accept them. If they are off the cuff with no industry relation or no known connections that we share I decline the invitation.
  • Ill accept anyone – i consider myself a creator type and if you like office furniture and humor follow along 🙂
  • I’ll only accept if they specify why they want to connect in their message. Otherwise,
  • If I don’t know someone, I’ll accept if they’re in an industry I’m in.
  • If they have a profile in IT, Marketing, and Research then I do add them.
  • I do if their industry is relative to mine:)

What about you?

Do you accept invites to connect with people you don’t know?

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