Is your business market-ready for LGBT+ travellers?

lgbt+ tourism sector

Diversity and inclusion are not only the right thing to do/be, I believe both are critical to our economy, so I was glad to see CGLCC’s website had online training. Initially I signed up for Navigating LGBT+ Diversity and Inclusion which was excellent and I highly recommend. Today I signed up for Travel Market-Ready Seminars to learn how my businesses could foster greater diversity and inclusion and better serve LGBT+ travellers. Did you know that…

LGBT+ Tourism
is a lucrative market, valued at over
$12 billion dollars annually in
Canada alone.


If I were an LGBT+ traveller I would definitely be spending my money where I feel welcome and understood.

What about you?

  • Does your business make LGBT+ travelers feel welcome?
  • How much of this 12K pie will you and your family eat?