What does Social Media, Sustainability & Horoscopes have in Common?

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Thank you for this lovely horoscope today Joan Ann Evelyn (AstroConsultation). It’s so nice I decided to read it twice and although I will not be shopping for a new wardrobe or getting a makeover, I am trying to direct personal changes in a positive creative way as this horoscope suggests I do…

  1. Make positive, transformational changes in your life, changes that other people readily notice when Pluto (power struggles, confrontations) trines your Progressed Ascendant (personality – time of birth) on Monday, January 27, 2020.
  2. You could decide to go for a makeover, purchase a new wardrobe or present yourself in a new and different way.
  3. Extremely charismatic and comfortable with your own personal power, try to direct personal changes in a positive, creative way.
  4. An optimistic time for relationships, if you are going through some critical life changes, you will be able to direct them resourcefully and flow within them to a more fulfilling future.
  5. This is a favourable time to get involved in a new business or corporate partnership.

Today I am researching sustainable social media in preparation for February’s Social Media Social with Keith Keller. We’ll be talking about  “Making Social Media Sustainable in 2020” and I will be sharing my research with anyone who registers. Hope you can join us!

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