Late Nite: A Harvest Moon

Set in a night club backdrop with a milieu of bands playing in an (unplugged) accoustic performance, A Harvest Moon, promises an evening like no other. Experience the warm blend of musical sounds and talent captured in its purest accoustic form presented through a state of the art digital reproduction system. Sit back and enjoy this intimate musical sound in a delightful night club ambiance while indulging in the fine cuisine of deli delights prepared by Bowmanville’s Herb’n Essence.

Artists include: Susan Latimer; The Charles Street Band; Miami; The Roofers & The Latenite House Band.

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One thought on “Late Nite: A Harvest Moon”

  1. WOW what a great night. I hope you raised tons of money for the Community Centre and for Firehouse Downtown. I think it’s great for you two (Michelle and Brian) and all your helpers to volunteer to do what was required to turn the community centre into a nightclub – I’ve got pictures to prove it – and can’t thank you enough for the good time! The only thing that would’ve been nicer is to have alcohol served. Oh, and LOVE the video!!!!

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