How Can I Make This Better, Faster and Cheaper? #BusinessBreakthru

Business Tips To Help Your Business Breakthru #BusinessBreakthru

I take pride in being a creative thinker / change-maker, but know that my right brain has driven my team crazy over the years with little tweaks here and little tweaks there. I just can’t help it. The question “How I can make this better, faster and cheaper?” is ingrained in me and asking it, opens my mind to possibilities, people that shy away from change miss out on.

Why should you ask yourself the question
How I can make this better, faster and cheaper?

The brands featured below in Michael Deghati’s instagram provide great examples of six giant brands that did not exist when I was born. As such really inspires me to think about ‘what’s next’ and how my brands can lead by innovating.


I challenge you to close your eyes or go for a walk and give some thought to this very important question… How can I do this better, faster or cheaper?

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