Sue Sutcliffe

Seminars, Workshops and Webinars

Sue Sutcliffe in an internet pioneer who comes well recommended. Her passion for innovative and strategic marketing shine through every training experience, leaving audiences feeling energized and empowered.


    Discover what social media is, who uses it today, how to build and manage effective social media campaign in 30 minutes a day or less, as well as ‘netiquette’. Participants identify key objectives and gaps, create a social media marketing plan, an engaging content marketing plan, and strategies to track success. Day two is perfect for website virgins who want to learn the five essential ingredients of a successful web campaign, how to save time and money creating their first website, and create a well-designed website that will attract and serve customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Day three is all about learning how to position personal and business brands on social media giants Facebook and LinkedIn, find and connect with like-minded people and leverage groups and events, and other business building tips and tricks. (21 hours)
    This interactive strategy planning session is recommended for anyone who is planning to embark on a digital marketing campaign. Sue walks you through the development of a digital marketing plan to suit your unique business and its objectives. (1-hour lecture, 2-hour workshop)
    #OnlinePower is a live online marketing program that employers Small Businesses to increase sales, make more money and best monetize the Internet.
    Competition isn’t just from local stores. Sue Sutcliffe exposes the impact technology and e-commerce has on local businesses and highlights solutions to keep businesses competitive. Learn how to make money while you sleep.  (1-hour lecture)
    How to Find What You’re Looking for Fast — Participants learn where and how to search, which search engines are best, tips and tricks. (1-hour lecture, 2-4 hour workshop)
    Smart marketers understand that content marketing is a smart and economical way to create awareness, build credibility and ultimately profits, but if you’re like most, you’re frustrated by how difficult it is to get people to click and convert in this digital age. In this interactive training session, you will discover; how to get your content noticed by the right eyes, how to discover content your ideal prospects will find valuable, and the key elements of an effective sales page. By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand; why your current content marketing plans are delivering mediocre results, three critical things you need to master, to increase the number of times people click and convert, and what you need to do to increase conversion and ROI from your content marketing efforts.


    Perfect for website virgins who want to learn the five essential ingredients of a successful web campaign, and how to save time and money creating their first website. (1-hour lecture)
    Although there is a trend to do-it-yourself websites, it’s important to find out what you don’t know. A well-designed website can attract and serve customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A poorly-designed website sends people to your competitors who are only one click away. (1-hour lecture)

WordPress training workshops

    Build Your Own WordPress website/blog training workshops are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn everything they need to know to build and update their own WordPress website or blog in one week. (3-4 hour hands-on workshop)
    WordPress website/blog management training workshops are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who has a WordPress website, knows the basics, and wants to ensure best-practices are followed such as taking off-site backups.  (2-hour hands-on workshop)
    WordPress website/blog optimization training workshops are ideal for anyone who publishes WordPress website pages or posts and needs to learn how to optimize it for users, search engines, social media and success tracking. (2-hour hands-on workshop)
    You know you need a website. Perhaps you already have a website. Lots of small businesses do. But when you’re first starting out it’s hard to know how to do it right, so many entrepreneurs are left with sites that are outdated and poorly optimized. If that’s you, then don’t worry. This weekend retreat is going to show you how you can create a beautiful website and even make it easy to maintain and update, so you can proudly point your prospects to your site and say, “Connect with me here!”   (2-days)


    Baskin Robbins has 31 flavours of ice cream and Sue Sutcliffe has 31+ methods to help you dominate the world of social media. She will share with you her thoughts on how to master your online interactions for professional development.  (1-hour lecture)
    Learn Sue Sutcliffe’s proprietary system that allows you to grow your business in 1/2 hour a day or less. Learn; what social media is, who uses social media today, 4 essential steps to building and managing your social media success and social media do’s and don’ts.  (4-hour lecture)
    Blogs can easily link to your website and all your social media spaces for potentially higher visibility, Google rankings and sales. Learn the do’s and don’ts for your blog strategy. See examples of business blogs, learn why they’re successful, and the 7 essential steps to strategic blogging. (1-2-hour lecture)
    Is social media costing you money? Is your competition stealing your headlines? Are you engaging your customers and prospects regularly? Participants prepare a one-year social media plan. (1-hour lecture, 1/2 day workshop)
    Full of practical advice for non-graphic designers responsible for publishing on websites, blogs, and social media spaces. Learn; quick and easy ways to create appealing graphics, where to find free images and photography, copyright basics every publisher needs to know, how to optimize images so they download quick and tools and techniques. (2-3 hour lecture)
    Networking is more than a race to see who hands out the most business cards. How you cultivate your network directly impacts your success in business. Learn where to network, how and why, networking do’s and don’ts, how to follow up, tips and tricks and “netiquette” for online networking.  (2-hour lecture, 4-hour workshop)
    This interactive session is for anyone who is or is planning to embark on a social media marketing campaign. Sue walks you through developing a social media marketing plan. Learn to; identify your key objectives and gaps, develop a content marketing plan that will engage your target market(s), create strategies to track your success and make more money from existing customers, find new customers and bring back old customers. Learn our proprietary social media system that grows your business in 1/2 hour a day or less.  (1-hour lecture, 2-hour workshop)


Social Media Bootcamps are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn how to build a social media presence and add this valuable marketing skill to their resumé.


Sue is constantly creating new curriculum for the ever-changing digital marketing landscape and would love to custom design a training experience for you. Call 1-800-579-9253 or request a speaker kit.



Author Picture
Cindy Symons-Milroy, City of Oshawa

The Economic Development Council of Ontario retained Sue to create and present a workshop on Making Social Media work in Communities. Sue did an amazing job and get the audience engaged until the very last word. Her passion for social media, combined with her knowledge and enthusiasm made this a great learning experience for our members. Well done Sue!

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David Swain

Whether on the podium or in the classroom, one – on – one or one – on – a – hundred – and – one, Sue inspires, entertains, illuminates, simplifies. She leads by example, sharing practical strategies, common – sense solutions and her warm personality with the business world and her community. Pioneers explore: Sue Sutcliffe forges ahead in her business, creating paths, finding solutions. She invites you to follow along for an exciting voyage of discovery.

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Lisa Hausz, Town of Ajax

Sue brought her expertise as a keynote presenter to one of the Ajax Business Network events. Sue's knowledge and presentation style provided the 'in-demand' information our businesses wanted. Sue is passionate about her craft in social marketing for businesses and was able to share specific tips and advice to the business community. She was a welcome addition to the Town's line-up of presenters and was recognized by Ajax Council for her valuable time. Sue is always welcome to the Ajax Business Network!

Author Picture
Diane Steven, Kawartha Lakes Small Business & Entrepreneurship Centre

I had the opportunity to hire Sue Sutcliffe as our Keynote Speaker and Facilitator for our first Bridges to Better Business Conference. Sue's knowledge of all things Social Media and her ability to capture the attention and hold the interest of each of the small business owners in attendance was fantastic. I was very pleased to have many in attendance come up to me during the conference to tell me how impressed they were with Sue's keynote presentation and how she has inspired them to get their businesses more involved with social media. I recommend Sue Sutcliffe without hesitation.

Author Picture
Jessie Langford, Town of Parry Sound

Sue was a great speaker who I would recommend to anyone seeking advice on E-business or E-marketing. She was very personable and interactive with the group in attendance. She was also easy to understand and made the presentation match the audience.

Author Picture
Tracey TynerCavanagh, The Regional Municipality of Durham

Sue provides a dynamic and informative presentation on social media and networking for both business/work and personal use. Her inspiring style and energy was awesome!

Author Picture
Andrea McHattie-Christensen

Sue an awesome facilitator of the social media success workshop I attended, such an amazing personality, so down to earth, funny and practical in sharing her knowledge and insights. Love love loved it and cannot wait to attend another of her workshops!

Author Picture
Kristy Lee Bailey

As Chair of the Durham Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada, we recently invited Sue Sutcliffe out to present to our group on the new Facebook algorithm and let me tell you, we all left feeling knowledgeable and ready to take the new Facebook by storm! As a background, at the beginning of 2018, Facebook made some mega changes to the way businesses are seen and received by users and many of us were no longer getting the reach we used to. With Sue’s brilliance and teachings, our group left the presentation with a roster of skills and tools to stay ahead of the ever-changing Facebook world. Thank you Sue – we could not have been more pleased by your presentation. 5 stars all the way!

Author Picture
Sherry Corbitt

Sue is a fabulous speaker who is engaging, energetic and knowledgeable. Sue's presentation was useful and relevant and the entire audience was engaged. I look forward to seeing her speak again.

Author Picture
Ella Bates

Sue spoke for our large Networking group where she enthralled the room! It was our absolute pleasure to have Sue as our speaker, inspired so many, phenomenal knowledge and fun as a presenter!

Author Picture
Laura Watts

Sue did a presentation on Linked In for a networking group I'm involved with and it was fantastic! I can't wait to try out all her tips and tricks. If you need someone to help you with your social media I would definitely recommend you get in touch with her!

Author Picture
Angela Baltkois

Sue Sutcliffe is an amazing trainer of all things web and social media related! I can't wait to implement all the amazing things I learned about LinkedIn! Kieran enjoyed Sue's LinkedIn training tonight! He doesn't even know what LinkedIn is lol! Clearly Sue is a fun and entertaining speaker for all ages!

Author Picture
Shelly Mayhew

Sue has an excellent presentation style - very informative with a great sense of humor. Her in-depth experience comes across and she is very willing to answer questions and share her knowledge.

Author Picture
David Hooker

Absolutely awesome speaking on social media, networking & web design, certainly 'knows her stuff. It really is her passion! A very nice person to know. Friendly & outgoing, authentic, professional, a good heart (kind, helps others, supportive, compassionate) fair-minded, business-oriented and well-connected.

Author Picture
Karen Hunt

Sue is an expert and a great promoter of Social Networking. I highly recommend her for any group or association looking for an attention getting topic and speaker.

Author Picture
Karen Robertson, RBC Dominion Securities

Thanks to Sue for an energetic and knowledgeable presentation to RBC Small Business clients on Social Media trends. Sue offered many tips on how to promote your business through Social Media. Sue is a great resource for your business!

Author Picture
Marty Britton

The Company of Women brought Sue in to educate us on Linkedin. Sue really knows her stuff and is an expert in her field! She was able to simply the technical issues some of us encounter and made it easy to understand. Thanks Sue, you are a fantastic speaker and teacher!

Author Picture
Lynda Allison

Sue took years of marketing experience, boiled it down to "7 Critical Internet Marketing Moves for New Businesses," and shared these with my "Be Your Own Boss" class. Students were engaged and Sue fielded their questions well. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her suggestions are both relevant and current. I highly recommend Sue as a speaker for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Author Picture
Rene St.Aubin

Last night was a great presentation on Social Media. You gave us great tips on how to stay present on Social Media. Thanks again. I will recommend you to any one who wants to learn more about Social Media.

Author Picture
Shereen Hayat

Social media should be hip, dynamic, fun and diverse. Sue is the perfect social media "teacher" as she embodies all of these qualities. She is truly passionate about her craft and provides current and feasible social media solutions. She is an engaging speaker and I would highly recommend any organization or new business owner to connect with Sue to see how she can equip you with social media power to fuel your business and employees.

Author Picture
Wenda Abel

You’re amazing! Your spirit and goodwill created and animated the whole evening and I’m getting more and more how much you are a force for creativity and leadership in your communities – Tyrone and women entrepreneurs to name just two. It is my great fortune to have met you and to be associated with you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!.

Author Picture
Theresa Ameloot

Your presentation was dynamic, interactive, entertaining and chock-full of priceless marketing tidbits. You have a great presence and your honest, caring nature and expert knowledge really come across to your audience.

Author Picture
Heather O’Connor

Your presentation walked us through a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap to marketing success. Web wizard, marketing guru, dynamic speaker — who knew learning could be so much fun?

Author Picture
Donna McAllister, DREN

I have talked to a few of the students and they said it was their best session EVER. Krista was inspired; Jesse, well I think he is mesmerized by Sue; and Alex for the first time was actually engaged in a training session. With such a diverse range of ages and businesses, it is difficult to keep the group engaged and cohesive. But you pulled it of with ease. I saw some great mentor connections happening. I thank you for sharing your time and knowledge, it is greatly appreciated.

Author Picture
Cate Collins

Sue has a gift for public speaking.

Author Picture
Andrea Braithwaite, Associate Teaching Professor Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, UOIT

Sue is a fantastic, engaged, and enthusiastic speaker! She breaks complex concepts down into accessible ideas and describes principles of design in straightforward, everyday language.