LinkedIn Profinder: 3 Things Canadian Professionals Need To Do To Prepare To Get Free Qualified Leads!

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linkedinLinkedIn announced in October 2015 that it is now connecting top freelance professionals in some US states with high quality leads with ProFinder and we recommend that Canadian Professionals  Sign Up As A Pro too.

How does ProFinder work?  

LinkedIn now invites US members to make a request for services they need and assuming you’ve signed up for ProFinder, and should that lead match your expertise, it sends email to you. You then have the ability to respond to the member with a short proposal which will be sent to person looking along with access to your full LinkedIn profile.  If your offer fits the member’s needs, they’ll reach out and start a conversation.

Three things we recommend you do now

  1. Sign Up As A Pro
  2. Ensure you’re receiving or reading LinkedIn email (or you’ll miss the invitation)
  3. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized for the opportunities you are seeking

Although it’s not available here yet, you’ll be added to their notifiy list and emailed when they are accepting pros in Canada and early birds will most definitely catch the (prequalified) worm.

For more information about ProFinder and other LinkedIn tips, tricks and resources you need to know to beat the competition, sign up for some linkedin training, schedule some linkedin coaching or subscribe to this blog and watch for answers in upcoming publications.

One thought on “LinkedIn Profinder: 3 Things Canadian Professionals Need To Do To Prepare To Get Free Qualified Leads!”

  1. 20190709
    Andrew, LinkedIn ProFinder Support says…
    “We don’t have a timeline of when ProFinder will be available outside of the United States unfortunately. Feel free to bookmark our blog to stay up-to-date on any program changes or updates, especially international movement.

    I wrote…
    I urge you to bring this to the powers that be there as this is VERY bad for Canadian businesses who may not at this point be aware they are constantly losing business — since it was launched in 2014 — to American counterparts because of this decision.

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