Andrew McLaughlin, Learning for Hope wrote…

sent to blogit@ and sue@ insert pictures from their facebook / instagram pages I just wanted to take a few minutes to write you and thank you for sharing your time and expertise with our Leadership Group. The kids were so grateful to have someone like you present for them. You can imagine just how … Continue reading “Andrew McLaughlin, Learning for Hope wrote…”

Domain name(s)

8 Reasons you should consider registering multiple domains

One for each product or service you offer. One for each way people commonly misspell your domain name. One for email marketing (so your outgoing mail is never blocked  by spam services). One for each target market, so you can sell directly to their keywords/preferences. One for your blog so you can create traffic/links to … Continue reading “8 Reasons you should consider registering multiple domains”

Scam Alert

Domain Name Scam Alert: China domain name registration center

Over the years, we’ve seen a ton of email scams, and this is one of the ones which is circulating at the moment.  You’ll get an email from a company, typically from China, saying that someone else is trying to register your domain name, and they need your permission to proceed. This scam is trying … Continue reading “Domain Name Scam Alert: China domain name registration center”

Learn how to build, optimize, upgrade and manage your own blog, website and top social media spaces (Nov 2013) Oshawa

AWEBthatWORKS has an exciting line up of hands-on training events planned for September and October 2013 that will teach you how to build, optimize, upgrade and manage your own blog, website and top social media spaces. Register early to take advantage of early-bird discounts! 4 Steps to Social Media Success Saturday, September 28th, 2013 (10:30am-1:30pm) Trent … Continue reading “Learn how to build, optimize, upgrade and manage your own blog, website and top social media spaces (Nov 2013) Oshawa”

Hootsuite Hands-On Workshop (Oshawa)

Monday, 8 July 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EDT)

Trent University Oshawa Campus
55 Thornton Rd S
Oshawa, ON L1J 5Y1

Hosted By:

From WordPress to Pinterest, Facebook to Foursquare, the AWEBthatWORKS team stays dialed-in to cutting-edge Internet and social media marketing trends. Our seasoned and animated web coaches happily share their expertise one-on-one or with a group, live on location or via web conference.

Committed to providing topnotch value, AWEBthatWORKS highlights great options and resources, offering handy DIY skills and unmatched technical support. Sign up for our dynamic and down-to-earth workshops to find out how to market yourself online and master the social media sphere!

For more information, please visit our website: 

Register for this event now at:

Event Details:


a simple program that helps you manage your social media activity. It allows you to save time and:

  • Manage your engagement with social media connections
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Measure your success with built in analytics and tracking
  • Benefit from high security profile protection


  • Set up your HootSuite Account
  • Add your Social Media Proflies e.g. Facebook, Twitter
  • Create industry specific tabs and steams for easy monitoring
  • Strategically schedule messages in advance for maximum exposure
  • Research competitors to create new business opportunities
  • Quick reporting (Pro only)

plus provide tips and tricks on increasing your social media ROI.


You’ll need to create a HootSuite Account and at least one social media account e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

What does phishing mean?

New Facebook scam targets page owners

A new scam targeting Facebook page owners uses Facebook messages and a fake verification page to obtain user logins and passwords. The phishing scam begins with a Facebook message from a “Security Team” profile that uses Facebook’s security logo. The message tells admins that their page is in violation of terms of service and threatens … Continue reading “New Facebook scam targets page owners”

11 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Joined the Twitterverse, but not sure your voice is being heard? Here are some sure-fire ideas for attracting Followers! 1. Optimize your Twitter Profile If your profile doesn’t include an engaging picture (usually your smiling face), banner and bio, you’ll struggle to attract a big following. Sprinkle (don’t cram!) your bio with keywords that are … Continue reading “11 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers”

no spam

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) establishes rules for the sending of commercial electronic messages (CEMs) and the installation of computer programs. CASL also prohibits the unauthorized alteration of transmission data. The rules that apply to CEMs come into force on July 1, 2014 while the rules governing computer programs take effect Jan. 15, 2015, followed by … Continue reading “Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)”

New first stop for hacked site recovery via Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:

How to avoid ever needing Help for hacked sites: Just as you focus on making a site that’s good for users and search-engine friendly, keeping your site secure — for you and your visitors — is also paramount. When site owners fail to keep their site secure, hackers may exploit the vulnerability. If a hacker … Continue reading “New first stop for hacked site recovery via Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:”

Instagram logo

Privacy and Terms of Service Changes on Instagram – Instagram Blog

Our community has grown a lot since we wrote our original terms of service. To get things up to date for the millions of people now using Instagram, we’re bringing you new versions of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Here are a few key updates: Nothing has changed about your photos’ ownership or … Continue reading “Privacy and Terms of Service Changes on Instagram – Instagram Blog”

alzheimer's sponsor square

Please help AWEBthatWORKS help Alzheimer’s Research!

It’s almost a given that you know someone who’s dealing with dementia, which presently affects more than 35 million people worldwide — a number that is expected to almost double every 20 years.  Although there is no cure presently, G8 countries gathered at Dementia Summit recently and have committed to identifying a cure or a disease-modifying therapy for … Continue reading “Please help AWEBthatWORKS help Alzheimer’s Research!”

Business Roundtable: "Social Media – Mystery or Massive Marketing Opportunity?" – Nov. 23

This month’s Business Roundtable theme is: Social Media – Mystery or Massive Marketing Opportunity? Join facilitator Sue Sutcliffe, Social Media Expert & Web Coach, along with Cindy Mount & other entrepreneurs for business discussion on the power of social media. Where: Williams Fresh Cafe, 1650 Victoria St. E., Whitby When: November 23rd, 9-10:30am This meeting is completely free … Continue reading “Business Roundtable: "Social Media – Mystery or Massive Marketing Opportunity?" – Nov. 23”

Time's Up – It's a Timeline Takeover!

For all you Timeline holdouts, sorry, but your number’s up. The last few outposts are being converted, and Facebook expects to update every account to Timeline by early fall.  So as September nears, here’s a quick review to get your ready for the back-to-school season: Welcome to Timeline Timeline Cover Photos Timeline Business Pages And … Continue reading “Time's Up – It's a Timeline Takeover!”

iphone screen shot

44 Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketers

Welcome to another installment of Mobile Mondays! Does your smartphone have all the bells and whistles? This week, we’re featuring one of our favourite blogs: Social Media Examiner. They’ve created a list of 44 stellar apps for anyone looking to market their brand on social media. Some of the highlights include our own faves, such … Continue reading “44 Mobile Apps for Social Media Marketers”

WordPress Wednesdays – Adding Ads & Sponsors with Plugin WP125 [VIDEO]

Welcome to your weekly installment of WordPress Wednesdays! Today, I’ll be walking you through a great plugin that allows you to add sponsor logos, ads, accreditations, professional memberships and other promotions to your website. Here is the WP plugin: Want to see WP125 in action? Check out these great examples: WP125 Step-by-Step: … Continue reading “WordPress Wednesdays – Adding Ads & Sponsors with Plugin WP125 [VIDEO]”