Curtis Reid then and now #alzheimers sucks

$1762 Raised for #Alzheimers #WalkforMemories 2019

On behalf of Team Hubba Bubba 2019, we thank you for sponsoring us for the 2019 #WalkForMemories! Donations are still flowing in, but at time of walk team total was $1,762 for this very worthy cause AND we had a blast making new memories. Very grateful! CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR US A. Diebold Installations Inc. … Continue reading “$1762 Raised for #Alzheimers #WalkforMemories 2019”


*NEW* Messenger Unsend Button

Anna Iskikian, Product Manager, Messenger announced today that New Messenger Feature Gives You Ability to Remove Messages for Everyone How does it work? Simply tap on the message you want to remove and select the option to “Remove for Everyone”. The removed message will be replaced by text alerting everyone in the conversation the message was … Continue reading “*NEW* Messenger Unsend Button”

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Appy Hour

Appy Hour is an invite-only customer appreciation event hosted by Sherry Corbitt, Bobby Kelly and myself. We’ll treat you to coffee/tea, yummy appetizers, and present business apps that make your life easier and more productive. UPCOMING EVENTS

Business Tips To Help Your Business Breakthru #BusinessBreakthru

How Unstoppable Are You? [13-minute read]

Benjamin P. Hardy wrote a wonderful blog post about 30 Behaviors That Will Make You Unstoppable that really resonated with me today. As the name suggests, the blog post highlights behaviours that are either habits now or need to be. So much good advice and a quick 13-minute read. How unstoppable are you?

WordPress Training

Build Your Own Website (WordPress Bundle)

Sue Sutcliffe’s WordPress Training Workshops & Webinars are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn how to build, maintain and optimize a website or blog. Tired of feeling frustrated by technology?   Do you wait for long periods of time for your webmaster to make updates?   Can you work a SmartPhone, but are … Continue reading “Build Your Own Website (WordPress Bundle)”

Mark Zuckerberg on the "Biggest Problem in Social Networking" [INTERVIEW]

Zuckerberg said he believes that the Groups feature will be a hit with users. The original Groups feature had limited engagement, but Zuckerberg simply believes the new version of Groups is “fun.” The new one, focused around Group Chat, shared networks and notifications, definitely has a deeper array of engagement tools — but will users … Continue reading “Mark Zuckerberg on the "Biggest Problem in Social Networking" [INTERVIEW]”

Congratulations to Constellation Software who was the only Canadian Company to make Forbe’s Top 100 Digital Companies List

Congratulations to Toronto-based Constellation Software, Inc. who is the only Canadian company to make Forbes Top 100 Digital Companies List This Toronto company provides enterprise software solutions — acquiring, managing and building vertical market software businesses that provide mission-critical software solutions. Founded by Mark Henri Leonard on August 23, 1995, it’s grown to employ 14,335 people and enjoys … Continue reading “Congratulations to Constellation Software who was the only Canadian Company to make Forbe’s Top 100 Digital Companies List”

Social Media Strategic Planning For Entrepreneurs

Social Media Strategy Made Simple (May 27) Webinar

This interactive session is for anyone who is or is planning to embark on a social media marketing campaign. Sue walks you through developing a social media marketing plan. Learn to; identify your key objectives and gaps, develop a content marketing plan that will engage your target market(s), create strategies to track your success and … Continue reading “Social Media Strategy Made Simple (May 27) Webinar”