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#1 Rule of Social Networking

Social media has no ‘undo’ button and although most social media users are very forgiving of typical newbie problems — we’ve all been there — poor manners/social skills will get you blocked, un-friended or worse in record time. defines ‘social’ as: pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations: a social … Continue reading “#1 Rule of Social Networking”

Prospecting for Success!

Doing the Right Stuff – Prospecting was penned by Anna “Banana” Kruchten, a realtor in Phoenix, Arizona. Although some of the terminology is real estate based, the recipe is clear for anyone looking to increase the client base through prospecting. Do you have a favourite prospecting tip you’d like to share? If so, please click … Continue reading “Prospecting for Success!”

Find Out the Most Influential Users on Twitter with the ReTweetability Index

Did you read the article by Jennifer Van Grove called Find Out the Most Influential Users on Twitter with the ReTweetability Index? Jennifer talks about a formula carefully researched to better get at the most retweetable and influential users by Dan Zarrella, Mashable contributor and self-proclaimed viral marketing scientist. How do your tweets compare? Visit … Continue reading “Find Out the Most Influential Users on Twitter with the ReTweetability Index”

Where do you do social networking?

Thanks to the team at Essential Communications for hosting yet another wonderful Success Night, and to Jason Dasti, Guerilla Marketers for a fun introduction to Social Media which inspired Peter Miller to poll the audience on how they socialized!  The poll showed… 83% of people polled use Facebook 50% of people polled use LinkedIn Do YOU … Continue reading “Where do you do social networking?”

Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!

Jack Neff’s recent post entitled Study: ROI May Be Measurable in Facebook, MySpace After All shares more proof that social media improves ROI, in particular a case study of a package-goods brand that earned $1.28 million in sales from $1 million social-media campaign — 28% ROI! He states that… Recent research from ComScore, MySpace and … Continue reading “Don't read this if you do not want to grow your business!”

Have You Read The Technicolour Report Newsletter?

David Cohen, Host of The Small Business Big Ideas Radio Show writes a monthly newsletter called “The Technicolour Report” that I read each month cover to cover because not only is it a good read, it always pertains to ways I can grow my small business which as an entrepreneur I’m always on the look … Continue reading “Have You Read The Technicolour Report Newsletter?”

Earth Hour

Have You Marked Earth Hour On Your Calendar?

On March 28 from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. EST the world celebrates Earth Hour, and everyone is encouraged to use as little energy as possible to reduce global warming by turning off lights, computers, etc. and not using dishwashers, washing machines or other appliances. Register yourself for Earth Hour today – visit Do you … Continue reading “Have You Marked Earth Hour On Your Calendar?”

LEGAL IMPLICATIONS for chatting with “friends” on social networking sites?

What do you think of a recent court ruling that forced a man suing over injuries from a car accident, to answer questions about the content on his Facebook page that is off limits to the public? I was just reading Toronto Star legal writer Tracey Tyler’s article Facebook user poked – by the courts, … Continue reading “LEGAL IMPLICATIONS for chatting with “friends” on social networking sites?”