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Late Nite: A Harvest Moon

Set in a night club backdrop with a milieu of bands playing in an (unplugged) accoustic performance, A Harvest Moon, promises an evening like no other. Experience the warm blend of musical sounds and talent captured in its purest accoustic form presented through a state of the art digital reproduction system. Sit back and enjoy … Continue reading “Late Nite: A Harvest Moon”

High-speed internet access to grow in north Durham

Province assists in broadband initiative UXBRIDGE — North Durham communities will soon have increased access to broadband communications thanks, in part, to cash handed down from the Province. Durham Region announced on Friday, Sept. 28, it has secured $262,000 from the Ontario government to create high-speed internet service in Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock. The Region, … Continue reading “High-speed internet access to grow in north Durham”

"Group of Seven Bed & Breakfast" Open House and Garden Tour

Coming up soon on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 is the “Group of Seven Bed & Breakfast” Open House and Garden Tour from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. This is a Free event and everyone is invited! There are over 18 exciting stops…..including the 9 Bed & Breakfasts which will be showcasing artisans, local produce, beautiful … Continue reading “"Group of Seven Bed & Breakfast" Open House and Garden Tour”

Networking for Dollars

Business Professional Women – Durham Region ChapterIt was a pleasure delivering “The Power of Networking — With a Little Help from my Friends” and sharing the podium with illustrious Gary Polonsky, founder of UOIT, who headlined this event. At last count this BPW Durham fundraising conference called Roadmap to Success: Making Connections raised over $600 … Continue reading “Networking for Dollars”

Ticket Name Syntax

AWTW’s ticketing system depends on tickets being created with the correct subject line syntax e.g. “MMDD—DOMAINNAME—concise description” where: MM/DD = month/date due. DomainName = full domain name Concise description Describes the charge on the customer’s invoice Describes the charge on the subcontractor’s invoice Contains all information in subject line that one might need to search … Continue reading “Ticket Name Syntax”

Keeping all the threads

Each time you take any action with regards to a ticket, you need to append the latest version of the ticket, and forward to both tickets @ and CAUTION: Tickets are intended to capture all actions/communication with regards to a project so please ensure you respond to the latest ticket, to ensure threads … Continue reading “Keeping all the threads”

Durham College

Durham College

In 1996, MaryLynn West-Moynes, President of Durham College recruited Sue Sutcliffe to research online schools, develop a website strategy, and then liaise with their stakeholders to implement and launch their first Corporate website. Together with an amazingly talented team of digital marketing professionals, we completed this contract on time, on budget, and continued to work … Continue reading “Durham College”

Canadian Internet Law

PIPEDA: An Executive Summary

PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) requires that organizations covered by the Act adhere to its ten basic principles: (source: Accountability – an organization must clearly identify a person within that organization who is their in-house PIPEDA compliance officer. This individual will re responsible for ensuring that the organization in is continual … Continue reading “PIPEDA: An Executive Summary”

Domain Name(s)

What do they mean by Top Level Domain?

Although there are many domain extensions now, prior to the creation of ICANN in 1998, there were only seven generic top-level domains. They are: .com (commercial) administered by Verisign The most popular domain extension by far. .org (organization) administered by Public Interest Registry Intended for use by non-profit organizations but open to anyone .net (network) … Continue reading “What do they mean by Top Level Domain?”

The Internet Advantage: Better, faster and cheaper

Increase Your Sales Communicate Better, Faster & Cheaper Network with all the Right People Download software, utilities & graphics Read the News before it hits the stands! Information at your Fingertips Update Information Instantly! Increase Your Sales Since your web storefront never closes, clients and prospective clients are free to order when it’s convenient to … Continue reading “The Internet Advantage: Better, faster and cheaper” (launched in 1995) was my first profitable digital marketing campaign!

✔ I led a project team in the development of a corporate website, making Family Realty the first Canadian realtor to leverage the Internet. ✔ I then developed a multimedia listing presentation tool called “NETmore” which provided agents with a state-of-the-art marketing tool, increased the company’s listing inventory, and recruited one new broker and hundreds … Continue reading “ (launched in 1995) was my first profitable digital marketing campaign!”