Ticket Name Syntax

AWTW’s ticketing system depends on tickets being created with the correct subject line syntax e.g. “MMDD—DOMAINNAME—concise description” where: MM/DD = month/date due. DomainName = full domain name Concise description Describes the charge on the customer’s invoice Describes the charge on the subcontractor’s invoice Contains all information in subject line that one might need to search … Continue reading “Ticket Name Syntax”

Keeping all the threads

Each time you take any action with regards to a ticket, you need to append the latest version of the ticket, and forward to both tickets @ and CAUTION: Tickets are intended to capture all actions/communication with regards to a project so please ensure you respond to the latest ticket, to ensure threads … Continue reading “Keeping all the threads”


Sue Sutcliffe works with businesses who want to increase sales, make more money and better monetize the Internet. Sue is a recognized marketing pioneer, who has helped 1000s of businesses market their products and services on the Internet since mid-nineties — long before there were books and digital marketing certificates and degrees! A leader in … Continue reading “INTRODUCTION”