Checklist: Christmas Shopping

Taz-coupons, cup, key chain speaker-wants big air compressor, duracel mygrid JC-luggage, coupons, hockey book, cup, frying pan-car stuff, cdn tire $ Val-luggage, coupons, art calendar, paintbox, canvases – wants homesense card John-DONE – luggage, keychain speaker, frying pan Tyler-luggage, coupons, keychain speaker, frying pan, razor Meranda Bubba-movie passes, toilet book Nanny Heather, Brian & family … Continue reading “Checklist: Christmas Shopping”

Will you take the $20 challenge?

Local entrepreneur donates to charity with every order DURHAM REGION, ON – SEPT. 14, 2010: What can you do with $20? Sue Sutcliffe wants to find out. The Internet strategist and professional speaker was inspired by the $20 challenge made at last year’s Day of Hope and Leadership event: to take $20 and help someone … Continue reading “Will you take the $20 challenge?”

Why host with

As an e-business, your website, email and corporate applications need to be a available at all times. With unbeatable connectivity, fail-safe power supplies and 24/7/365 monitoriing, is dedicated to providing a solution that will work for you 99.9% of the time. Here’s how: POWER AC and DC power sources Secure static-free, multi-port grounding 2n/n+1 … Continue reading “Why host with”